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CD: GARY GALE - Squeezin' The Country

Squeezin' The Country
Six Days On The Road - I Had A Beautiful Time - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Key's In The Mailbox - There's A Tear In My Beer - Walk Through This World - Move It On Over - The French Song - Ashes of Love - There Goes My Heart - Tennessee Waltz - Put Another Log On The Fire - I Still Miss Someone - How Far Is Heaven - From A Jack To A King - Your Cheatin' Heart - Tight Fittin' Jeans - One Day At A Time - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down - Walkin' Talkin Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart
You can see instantly from the songs Gary Gale is playing on his squeeze box, these are the exact classic and traditional country songs that have been so rudely pushed aside for today's non-country music called country. Gary makes his home in Toronto, Canada, although he was born in Newfoundland.  He does have a full time job driving truck for Maple Lodge Farms, but he's never far from his accordion.  As a matter of fact the photo on the rear of the CD shows him with accordion in hand right next to the rig he drives for Maple Lodge Farms.  This CD is all instrumentals, but they are incredibly well done.  Gary added a little drum, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and bass   (and sometimes a super good fiddle (especially good on "Ashes of Love") and steel) to the overall mix and that makes it incredibly easy to listen to.  Another Newfoundlander, Michael T Wall has already nominated Gary for our Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, and I can't think of anyone more deserving that can play so many of America's favorite country music songs on the accordion. "Walk Through This World" is dedicated to his wife Anne, and it's very well played.  Gary records for Heritage Music a nice record company in Toronto.  If you like good accordion music done in the old style with a special 'touch' to make it very very likable, this is the CD for you.  Not only will Gary Gale's name go into consideration for Hall of Fame honors, I am forwarding this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their take on this really really good accordion presentation.  Keep it up Gary, you're a very gifted musician.
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