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CD: EVANS & GALE - Newfoundland Fiddle

Newfoundland Fiddle
All For Me Grog - The Captain & His Whiskers - Run Run Away - Bold O'Donahue - Harbour Le Cou - Fisherman's Favourite - The Orange And The Green - Kelligrew's Soiree - Newfie Girl - Over The Waves - Mussels In The Corner - Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor - Silver Bell - Leaving Of Liverpool - We'll Rant & We'll Roar - Ise The B'y - Squid Jiggin' Ground - I Rowed Up In A Dory
Ambassador Records is a company in Canada that still deals with the 'real' music of country folks, and here is one to hear, with pleasure.  With our 'country' music history rapidly disappearing and deteriorating in America, it is certainly a pleasure to hear the downhome music that has in the past made 'country' music such a real and delightful listening experience.  This is basically an 'instrumental' CD release, but what a delight.  Robin Evans plays the fiddle, and his partner Gary Gale, plays the old style small accordion.  They had to research a lot of music to find so many Newfoundland songs for their session.  I'm sure Robin Evans is a direct relative to Paul & Linda Evans who own Ambassador Records and the recording studio where they produce their fabulous music.  It was this same label that garnered the NTCMA's "Best Traditional Yodel CD of the Year" in 2010, recorded by Naomi Bristow.  This same studio and label is doing a remarkable job keeping traditional country music alive and well.  With Robin Evans and Gary Gale providing this terrific instrumental music at gatherings like the "Musicians Corn Roast" and the "Hitchin' Post Jamboree" you can imagine how busy this studio and record label is staying.  This particular CD is a thoroughly delightful listening experience.  Very up-tempo, and I believe many, if not most, of the songs these gents perform is dance music from Newfoundland.  They have added a simple bass line and background drums to make it easier to dance to, but still kept the music inside the melody lines they are playing.  I'm glad this is one of the first CD's I am reviewing for the new season of "CD of the Year" selections the Rural Roots Music Commission will be awarding next year at the LeMars, Iowa festival, the 41st one.  This will be the first one they will have the opportunity to listen to, and I know they will delight in the wonderful abilities of these two artists.  Whether they can keep it at the top of their various lists of CD awards is a wait and see situation.  For me, this is one of the best 'old-time' delightful instrumental musical CD's on the market.  More power to Evans and Gale as they pursue the music they like, love, and perform.
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