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CD: BUTCH HEATH - Yesterday's Country

Yesterday's Country
If I Ever Need A Lady - I Never Go Around Mirrors - A-11Swingin' Doors - Lonesome 77203 - The Other Woman - My Heart Skips A Beat - Together Again - Legend In My Time - Old Man From The Mountain
Butch Heath was just in Iowa a few weeks ago to accept an induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, much to the delight of the audience who heard him sing in LeMars, Iowa.  From Saginaw, Michigan, a town well known in country music lyrics, Butch is a well rounded and very popular singer of classic and traditional country music.  He's got a terrific voice for this style of country music, and according to Bobby Randall a top musician and producer in Nashville who put his magic touch on this delightful album of 'real' country music, "If not for Butch I probably would of never moved to Nashville."  This entire album will take you right back to the country music that so deservedly earns the word 'country' on it's description, so very unlike the so-called country music of today.  What a pity the artists that have revoltingly turned this incredibly lovely musical genre into a heap of nothingness.  Butch Heath takes us right back to the path we should be on in real country music.  Instrumentation is exceptional on this project and the mix is just right, couldn't be better.  The 'expression' coming from these musicians backing Butch is obvious as they 'hear' what country music should really sound like.  The dedication comes in several forms on this excellent CD.  Butch reaches back to 'cover' some of his favorite artists like Claude King, Hank Cochran, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Justin Tubb.  The 'selections' prove beyond a doubt that Butch is not afraid to dip his toe into the water of creativity by doing songs by these same artists that were not huge and monstrous hits.  His rendition of Don Gibson's "Legend In My Time" is recorded with unsurpassable passion.  Just right.  He closes with Haggard's up-tempo "Old Man From The Mountain" taking us right back to the early impressions of old-time country.  Super terrific CD, and off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission to see their appraisal.  Good luck to Butch Heath in all his endeavors in the real-deal country music world.
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