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Country Music News International Radio Show and DJ Anja Kristin Krone in the spotlight of the media

 Country Music News International Radio Show and 

DJ Anja Kristin Krone in the spotlight of the media

Anja Krone is working actively to spread knowledge of her absorbing passion – Country Music. Anja is the DJ and sends live radio via www.countrykanalen.se (country channel sweden) and  www.radiomedusa.com (Netherlands). In addition cooperate Anja with a German/English internet magazin "country music news international" which takes to the CMA (country radio seminar) in Nashville every year and interviews artists and bands. These interviews will be used in the radio program the Country Music News International Radio Show. But why engage as much in Country Music?  "I've been listening to country music most of my life, and have always been fascinated by" a man and his guitar ". I interests me for country music, because it is a music generation with many facets and "3cords and the truth" stories about life's hardships, joys and longings do that you often can relate to one's own life. But it took in earnest, when I began to line dance. Here I figured that we had to dance to country music. I wondered that there was no dance to the Danish bands, and began to look round on MySpace / Reverbnation after Danish country artists/bands, and shared their music on my Facebook profile, "says Anja and continues: "In 2012, I was lucky enough to get tickets to an American" newcountry "band Lady Antebellum. At that time, Lady A huge in the United States, and was surprised (again) over that there was only approximately 1000 to the concert in Copenhagen, and that they were not on the morning / evening tv now that they were in Copenhagen ". Later that year, Anja admitted to the hospital. But there were further encouraged to go active into it to convey the Country Music. "My my room mate, an elderly woman, asked what it was for some music I was listening to. It turned out that she was the daughter of the head of "His Masters Voice", and had met all the great musicians through the ages. She thought that I should "just do it" with sharing and writing about country music, "says Anja. Since Anja came home from the hospital, she was contact by Per Gyllingberg from Countrykanalen Sweden. Per would have like to have Anja to make radio programs on his online radio, with a focus on Scandinavian/Danish bands and new bands (unsigned) from the United States. And since then, the development surged and Anja known as one who cares for Country music in Denmark. "I think that country music are " overlooked "in the Danish media, or sometimes, especially with the new genre within CM, marked with genre titles such as folk, Americana, rock, pop, sing/songwriter instead of just" Country ". And worst is it when Country music are looked down upon like the topeng or that you have to go with Stetsonhat and cowboy boots to hear Country music, "says Anja Anja is almost on a mission, and has a clear goal of his work. "I would very much like to be involved in starting a 24/7 online radio up in Denmark, where it will be Danish/Scandinavian/European bands and artists that will be played. radio will also get more of the American artists and bands to get past Denmark, when they are on tour in Europe, "says Anya and concludes: "I wish that there will be one or two Country Music festivals to Sealand, (there are 3 in Jutland )and the Danish national radio and television stations would tray more up on the genre, when we have American / foreign band in Denmark."

Anja Krone
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