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CD: VANESSA KENASTON - Country Sunshine

Country Sunshine
Till All These Dreams Come True - Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine - Beneath Still Waters - You and Me - Paul's Ministry - Just As Long As You Love Me - Country Sunshine - Nothing But The Wheel - Born To Run - Never Grow Old - Cry Myself To Sleep - You're Looking At Country
It never ceases to amaze me how 'dance' among country music enthusiasts has evolved down through the ages.  Early rural dance consisted mostly of a kind of 'clog' dance, which eventually evolved into the man holding the woman in his arms, waltz's being the most predominant style.  Today dance enthusiasts still ask for, and get, that style of music.  Vanessa Kenaston is a long time proponent of this style of country music.  She's a real pro when it comes to 'getting the message across.'  Her incredibly lovely voice, and her full understanding of what those dancers (include among this group anyone who remembers what country music sounded like before the hip-hop-rock take over sounded like) wanted.  This CD is full of those wonderful songs that made people not only happy on the dance floor, but also made any fan of 'true' country music so happy to listen to, and still do.  Vanessa has a huge following, from the Sandhills of Nebraska to all of the upper Midwest, including Midwest Country Television Show on RFD-TV.  Super pickers on this project include her brother Roger who adds acoustic & electric lead guitar and Dobro.  Vanessa plays a terrific acoustic rhythm guitar, and she added the essence of 'real' country music by having Bruce Hoffman (Branson musician) play the fiddle, steel, and mandolin, making it a definitely 'real' session.  One of our favorite musicians Mark Jenkins added some harmony to the vocals, and Sharon Kenaston (Roger's wife) is on the upright bass and percussion, also adding harmony vocals.  Another well known western Nebraska picker, Jerry Porter picks his 'Chet Style' on several of the selections.  Vanessa has been a champion in keeping country music country, and her impeccable spirit and loyalty to the genre is very apparent in this CD.  Country Sunshine is a most accurate title, that is exactly what Vanessa is, and features the 'Chet style' picking of Jerry Porter.  Aside from her terrific music, she is still a rancher, raising cattle on a ranch that's been in the family for 135 years.  This was produced and mixed by the Kenastons in their own studio, who have a keen ear for this kind of music, and it was mastered by Will Shenk of National Media Services, keeping the mix and the strength up front all the way through
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