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CD: MARGIE LeBLANC - Live At The Opry

"Live At The Opry"
I'll Be There - Above & Beyond - Miles & Miles of Texas - Faded Love - Once A Day - Farewell Party - Don't Worry 'Bout Me - Always Have, Always Will - I Can't See Texas From Here - Heartaches By The Numbers - Stand By Your Man - Don't Touch Me - Clinging To A Saving Hand
The instant recognition of what Margie LeBlanc does with country music is the fact that she is in control.  She knows exactly what she wants to accomplish with her songs, and it doesn't take long for the backing musicians to understand this, thusly bringing her music exactly to the interpretation that she is making of it.  Just as soon as you hear her sing, you recognize instantly that she is steeped in the music known as 'country' long before it was plagiarized and turned into a kind of nothing music of today.  This CD is an instant return, as well as a tremendously enjoyable 'today' experience, listening to 'country' music as a very real genre of music.  This is very unlike so-called country music of today, which in the minds and ears of most real country music fans, is a very very pale imitation of what country music in the past was, and still is in the voice and determination of a country singer like Margie LeBlanc. This very nicely recorded CD was done 'live' at the Liberty Opry, down Liberty, Texas way, with some amazingly good 'real' country musicians. Why do I keep talking about 'real' country musicians.  It's simple, this is the music of choice for these players.  They aren't really concerned with playing anything and everything that comes down the pike, and then attach the name 'country' to something that is everything but that.  So that makes them honest, sincere, and simply very very good at what they do.  The same goes for Margie.  This combination is hard to beat, when you bring together good musicians with a tremendously good vocalist.  "Live' recordings are very difficult to do without a 'master' at the sound board, trying to match the front speakers with an equally good 'taped' sound. In some spots the drums are a bit loud, but on the whole, this is one of those rare recordings where everything melded together, not only with Margie, and the band, but also with the very appreciative listening audience.  Margie LeBlanc is making the trip to LeMars, Iowa, the first week of September (2015) to receive a "Lifetime Achievement" award from the National Traditional Country Music Assn. who has been doing this for 40 years now.  Her ceremony will take place on Sept. 4th at 8pm, and all are welcome to see this marvelous woman be honored for her many years of contributing to the 'real' sound of 'real' country music. I'm also interested in who the musicians are, not named on this CD, simply because they are the very heart of enhancing a truly gifted vocalist.
REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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