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Wylie & the Wild West - Relic

Wylie & the Wild West - Relic

21st Century Blues 3:26 Diet of Strange Places 4:28 Hey Maria 3:31 Hutterite Boogie 2:32
Meadowlark 2:43 Hello Heartache 3:38 The Book 3:14 Cutter's Waltz 2:50 Why Why Why 2:32 Chicken Feed 1:37 Indian Love Call 2:41 Rhythm Machine 3:01 Without You 2:47 Big Whiskey 2:13

Enter through swingin' doors and walk your partner out onto the sawdust dance floor for some Texas Two Steppin' or maybe some Ray Price style buckle polishin' dance music or let “Relic” the new cd from Wylie & The Wild West take you there in your heart. Think Junior Brown meets Ernest Tubb meets The Mavericks and you'll know what to expect when you put “Relic” in your cd player and press play. Track number seven entitled “The Book” is a funky little Texas Two Step beat set to a lyric telling you “The Book is my rock, it's what I lean on” blending the bible and the bar room in a really cool way. The final track named “Big Whiskey” is great guitar lick filled instrumental set to a Johnny Cash boom chicka boom chicka boom. The guitar work here sounds like it might have come straight off of Junior Brown's Git-Steel. If I close my eyes I swear I can hear the soft steel playing of Buddy Emmons in the background (in my imagination). This great guitar track is a perfect blend going from last song to first song as the cd repeats. A country Telecaster has never sounded any better. You hear it on eight of these twelve tracks. Track 12 named “Rhythm Machine” sounds like it might have been given birth in the brain of John Fogerty. If you're into traditional country music with a little bit of mild yodeling ala the Singing Ranger Hank Snow, “Relic” by Wiley and The Wild West might claim the top spot in your music collection.

Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International Magazine

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