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CD: Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot

 CD: Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot

Let's Shake  3:30 Rockabilly Blues  3:44 Vinyl Records  3:22 Lemme Slide  2:05 Nothing Is a Sure Thing  3:11 What's Her Name  3:36 Calamity Jane  3:49 The Girl With the Blues In Her Eyes  3:38 Stiletto Cool  3:20 I Should'a Had a V-8  3:16 Blue Lights, Big City  2:08 Cock-A-Doodle Don't  4:16

 Buddy Holly on steroids.  Huey Lewis +++.  Chuck Berry passion. Marty Stuart himself would be proud of the new cd by Brian Setzer entitled "Rockabilly Riot".  All 12 songs are original creations but they're all so good you'd swear you heard them on oldies radio sung by Bill Haley and the like.  The first song, "Let's Shake" is high energy good time rock & roll leaving you wondering if the best song came first but the second song, "Rockabilly Blues", has you tapping your toe again and now you're in semi disbelief.  The next five songs keep bringing you in until it's all like a semi blurr of great great good time toe tappin' music.  The pace finally lets up, tho the passion increases on song number eight, "The Girl With the Blues In Her Eyes".  Wow!  Song number twelve, the final song on the cd is my favorite, "Cock a  Doodle Don't", a fun and energetic look at how barn yard failure relates to bedroom problems with lines like "I've got a hen that lays hard boiled eggs, and then there's the pig that's just a ham on four legs" followed by "I cock a doodle do and you cock a doodle don't".  This song should be played on every pop radio station from Phoenix to Shanghai.  CDs repeat on normal auto cd players so the bedroom flop story "Cock a Doodle Don't" is followed by "Let's Shake", the first song, making a perfect segue from last song to first.  If you want to stay awake and happy while driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Munich to Paris, "Rockabilly Riot" is definitely the cd for you.

Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International Magazine

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