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CD: BOBBY ATKINS - Hillbilly Music

Hillbilly Music
There Is A Time - Roses Are Red - Darling Pal Of Mine - All For The Love Of Sunshine - Ballad of James Lee - Old Side Of Town - Wild Side Of Town - I Love - I Really Don't Want To Know - It's All Over But The Crying - Rock, Salt, And Nails - Alone And Forsaken - Bouquet Of Roses - Reunion In Heaven
     Bobby Atkins was a three-time member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys, a one time member of Charlie Monroe's Kentucky Partners, and a one-time member of Jim Eanes Shenandoah Valley Boys.  He's a vaulted member of 'America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame,' and he's one of the most highly respected banjo players and vocalists in bluegrass music.  On this particular album of hillbilly music, Bobby is joined by his son Mark on this beautiful interpretation of early American mountain music, or as it was once discriminated against by calling it 'hillbilly' music.  Mark has worked and recorded with his dad for 30 years now.  Joining in on some of the other vocal renditions is Heather Berry a two-time nominee for IBMA vocalist of the year, and Toby Mabe, a multi-talented musician and singer.  Together, in Bobbie's studio for Thunderbolt Records, they have put together a unique and very listenable CD of those early songs that were once labeled 'hillbilly.'  The first song "There Is A Time" is very like 'Wayfarin' Stranger' maybe deliberately.  It was written by the Dillards, another great hillbilly band.  Bobby cut his teeth with the masters, and he definitely shines with that experience and knowledge.  He's one of our very best American 'true' musicians and bluegrass artists.  "Hillbilly' is defined in the American College Dictionary as 'a person living in the backwoods or mountains,' exactly where a lot of American's today 'wish' they could live.  Ain't it the truth!  And the music hasn't changed that much in the hands, mind, and banjo of Bobby Atkins.  It's still true, it's still sincere, it's still honest, and it's still very real.  Good luck to Bobby Atkins and his fellow players on this outstanding old-timey music CD.  I shall immediately send it along to the Rural Roots Music Commission to see what they think, and I believe I already know their verdict.  Pack the suitcase Bobby, you might as well plan on a trip to Iowa, if you can make it.
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