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CMA World GlobaLive in Nashville

CMA World GlobaLive in Nashville

In 90+ degree temperature the audience in the Walk of Fame Park was sitting leisurely on benches, under tents or simply on the lawn enjoying the musically and visually attractive performances by professional country music acts from around the globe. Several bands were from as far away as from Australia. The audience was composed of more nationalities than Americans as well: when CMA's CEO Sarah Trahern asked them how many were from a foreign country, you could hear approximately half of the crowd shouting, cheering and applauding.

In this showcase for international country music artists, they were given twenty-two minutes to shine, and shine they did on the appropriately GlobaLive banner framed Belk Stage at the Walk of Fame Park. Each band had three to four songs on their set list and they used the time well to prove to the world they are worthy of playing in Nashville. So they are. One of the artists from Canada, Madeline Merlo, attracted more people to the park and to stand closer to the stage. She has received a BCCMA (British Columbia Country Music Association) Award nomination and as far as nominations and awards, all the artists performing were either awardees in their respective homeland or have reached other kind of well deserved fame. Or all the above. Any fan of contemporary country music would definitely have walked away pleased from attending this concert.

To accompany musical flavors, in the park for this special occasion were vendors serving food from different parts of the world.

Shelley Ridge for Country Music News International Magazine

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