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You Can't Walk All Over Me - Heartstrings - Rusty Old American Dream - Going Down Hard - Tell Me Darlin' - Mindbender - Fences - How Blue - Give God The Power - You Tonight - Blue Mandolin - Only Here For A Little Shile
Very interesting CD from this very interesting bluegrass band from Florida.  I had difficulty getting this CD to play, it wouldn't play at all in my computer-generated station where I normally review CD's.  I took it to an older CD player and got most of it, but it jumped a little, and I don't really know what causes that, but if it's a 'program' that is not available to the masses, it will probably limit it's sale.  Be that as it may, it's one of the best Bluegrass albums I've heard so far this year.  One vocalist in particular stands out.... outstanding the standing.  Sarah Harris has a remarkable voice.  If this were in the 'real' day of 'real' country music, she could easily be at the top of that very abused music rating chart of todeay. As it is, she is in the 'other' world of the generational change in music..... bluegrass.  For me, this is where the 'real-deal' music, that emanated from our early country artists going all the way back to early settlers and pioneers in the Appalachian Mountains, has chosen to reside.  There are a lot of bluegrass bands playing these days, but only a few that can really take that very large 'step' into the real world of international recognition, and the Trinity River Band can easily do that if they so choose.  Aside from Sarah's remarkable vocals, their instrumentation is also true to form, true to heritage, and true to past generations.  Sarah not only provides those stimulating vocals, she also plays the mandolin and the Irish Pennywhistle (which makes this alone a step above the normal).  Joshua Harris plays banjo, resophonic guitar, and also joins sister Sarah on vocals.  Brianna Harris is on fiddle, Lisa Harris is on upright bass, and Mike Harris is on guitar.  So you see, this is not just a super good vocalist with a band, this is a super good vocalist with a band of other super good vocalists that play and sing this 'style' of music as only siblings can.  Harken to the incredible beauty of this remarkable presentation.  The songs they have selected also reflect another time and another way of expressing ideas, notions, opinions, and beliefs in a new and acceptable way.  This is NOT the factory produced very pale imitation we hear called country music today.  This is the 'real deal' and extremely well done.  I can't even pick a 'favorite' song from this collection, they are all so very very good and well done.  Well maybe "How Blue" would take that spot for me.  Off this CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their perusal as well as listening joy.  I know where they will go with this, I just hope it might become a reality for the Harris's.  That requires putting some miles on the tires.
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