Armed & Ready
Armed & Ready - Be Not Weary - When The King Comes Back - War With Life - Live in Me - Fourth Man First - At The Last
Trump - What Will you Do With Jesus - When I Think About Love - I Believe, Help My Unbelief
I and my wife Sheila record for the Smithsonian Institution, and our travels as old-time music entertainers take us on some magnificent adventures.  We were asked to perform some old-time rural gospel songs on the first Gospel Bash in Stewartville, Minnesota, and it was an experience to say the least.  One of the groups on the bill was a kind of bluegrass/country band called the Knight Family.  Adam Knight of that family writes and produces some of the most interesting gospel music I've heard in a long time.  This particular CD takes us on a musical journey containing some old time gospel, but also some 'new' gospel that directs us to the conditions we are living in today, examining the amazing things happening before our very eyes as the old planet earth continues to revolve, awaiting the return of the one Lord Jesus Christ to appear before His subjects. Adam expresses in his words exactly what is happening in the Christian world today.  We are in a battle.  That is obvious, and the 'battle' is good against evil.  Even though evil seems to be winning the battle today, the 'war' is far from over, and we all know how that is going to turn out.  We are reminded, on this CD, that we MUST hold our ground, our beliefs, our upbringing, our Christian teaching. We MUST try to save as many of our brethren as we can, we MUST abide by the Lord Jesus, and we MUST stand patiently, together and strongly.  Music is a way to do this, and in the case of the Knight Family, it is done amazingly well. They are very passionate about their messages, and the music that contains the messages.  All of the instrumentation on this CD is very very good, but it is the voices that bring the message to it's true destination, the minds of fellow Christians and even those that aren't so sure who they are what they are.  The 'power of the blood' is obvious in the mind and music of Adam Knight.  He is putting on the whole and entire armour of God as he enters his own battle field.  We not only approve and applaud him, we are standing behind him every step of the way.  We'll be sending this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission to see if there is a "Gospel CD of the Year" award lingering somewhere in their selection process.
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