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CD: JIMMY ARTHUR ORDGE - Country Music Legend

Country Music Legend
Snowflake - If Heartache Is The Fashion - Shepherd Of My Heart - Skip A Rope - Mail Order Bride - Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger - Drunken Driver - Chilly Winds - Don't Call Me I'll Call You - Child of Clay
    One of Canada's most popular country music recording artists, is without a doubt country music legend Jimmy Arthur Ordge.  This particular CD is incredibly well done, with the distinction of Jimmy's voice standing tall and proud.  He's a very good vocalist, and the backing musicians are exceptional, though the CD doesn't tell us who they are.  Traditional and classic country music has always been very popular in Canada, and still is, much more so than in the USA where the word 'country' has been hijacked and forced to define a musical art form that is so far from being real 'country' it no longer means anything at all.
     Jimmy Ordge's voice is perfect for 'real' country music, and he's incredibly popular in Canada, as well as other world-wide radio stations that play his records internationally.  I particularly like "Skip A Rope" a hit by Henson Cargill in 1967.  That particular song touched on some amazing topics, far ahead of its time.  Verbal spousal abuse, tax evasion, even racism, and at the end, this song laid blame for what children say directly at the feet of their parents.  Jimmy does this song very well, and a couple of times he does a kind of Red Sovine style talk-song, particularly "Drunken Driver," which demonstrates his ability to 'tell a story' in a song.  All the way through this CD, Jimmy shows us what a wonderful country singer he is.
     He was born and raised in the Donalda area of Canada, and became a regular on "Old Dad Taylor's Jubilee Jamboree," and went on to become a regular on radio and television shows.  His first hit was "Irena Cheyenne" which won him his first Moffat Award.  He had other hits in Canada, but lesser known in America, "Muk Tuk Annie" and "Hershel's Hemi Half-Ton."
     Jimmy has been nominated for a 2015 induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, whether he is able to attend for the ceremonies remains to be seen.  In the meantime, I am forwarding this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission to find their reaction to what I consider one of the better country CD's to come out of Canada.  Especially good playing by the background players is the harmonica and fiddle, predominate throughout, and incredibly well done.  The whole production makes today's country music in Nashville sound like a pale imitation of the real thing.
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