Country Music News International Radio Show … now in English and German.

Country Music News International Radio Show … now in English and German.

Starting June 2, one of the most famous Country Radio DJs from Germany, Lutz Adam, is going to anchor the Country Music New International Radio Show in English and German.

The show airs on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8 pm CET, 5pm to 7pm GMT, 11am to 1pm CST and can be followed on and Syndicated stations include CMG Global Media,, iWebRadio, Holiday-fm and

Stations and DJs wishing to air the show live or as a recording are asked to contact Christian Lamitschka at

Lutz Adam is a long-time friend of Christian Lamitschka, publisher of Country Music News International. He didn't think twice when asked to anchor the bi-lingual radio show since he and Christian had already worked together successfully in the past.

Since going on air with the Country Music News International Radio Show in 2014 we have grown to 10,000 listeners. Since they are mostly from English speaking countries, we wanted to share the show with German speaking listeners as well.

During the two-hour show Lutz plays the latest Country, Bluegrass, Cajun and Rockabilly music as well as interviews with artists and news from the national and international Country Music scene. We seek to educate as well as entertain our audience.
About Lutz Adam

Lutz Adam lives in Zwingenberg, Germany. He was born on July 5, 1952 in Wiesbaden. At the age of 13 he spent most of his time playing soccer with his friends. It was around this time that he also got interested in music and got his first portable record player. The speaker was integrated in its lid – that's what Adam was most fascinated by.

It became more interesting than his bike and soccer. To play music with his record player he needed records and he still remembers who he played over and over again. It was Wanda Jackson with her memorable ‘Santo Domingo’. Back then he didn't have a clue this song was actually a country song. Maybe it was an omen.

In 1982 he threw himself into the country scene. Blame it on Don Williams and his Album ‘Listen To The Radio’.

He started working for radio stations in 1995 as co-host for “Country Night” which was aired on SWR4. Together with Rainer Kresse he hosted the show for 13 years. It ended when Kresse went into early retirement.

Since 2002 Adam has been a successful anchorman on the internet.

Information about Country Music News International can be found on

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