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CD: MARK BRINE - All Alone & Blue

All Alone & Blue
Top 'A The Mornin' - Got Love? - All Alone & Blue - Duck Day Blues - Some Ole Rambler's Shoes - Like A Norman Rockwell Print Come To Life - Cabin Fever Blues - Mr. Lazy Today - Warren's Lil Fix-It Shop - River Boy - Sunday Ride - Old Black Joe - Fishin' Day - Too Many Blues Lookin For Some Colors - Lady, Where Do You Get Off - Love Is A Game (Like Russian Roulette) - Come Spring Blues - The Ukeme - Guitar Boy - Consider The Lillies - Time For Me To Be Gone
Mark Brine is the most individualistic and original acoustic creative writer I know.  This, his newest CD, is one of his most spectacular.  Think back to Jimmie Rodgers.  Think back to what Rodgers might have sounded like had he let his music take him closer to the individual 'blues' in his own independent way, without the 'force' of his hit records that kept him pretty much in the same style he eventually recorded everything in.  Very probably Rodgers would have entered the not-for-sale honesty similar to the Mark Brine dedication to his own style and creativity.  Mark has a good bluesy yodel, and his falsetto voice is superbly used in many instances throughout this recording.  Mark diligently accompanies himself on acoustic guitar, doing some very unexpected stylish picking that one rarely hears in today's commercial music world that has abandoned creativity and originality for a digitalized pale imitation of music.  Not even 'music' actually, it's a robotic contraption of perfection that has at last eliminated the human being, feelings and all.  Not so with Mark Brine, he keeps his heart, mind, and very probably all of his soul, wrapped around ideas and musical melodies that only he can hear, and thus share.  And, once he gets the stories, tales, and melodies into an understandable package, immediately this 'new child of musical composition' emerges from the depths of his mind like an oil well spewing forth ideas instead of oil.  21 songs is quite a lot to listen to, especially without additional instrumentation to 'pep' up the end result, however Mark is able to do this, mostly because his melodies and guitar strums, pitches, chords, riffs, and an occasional gasp of original recognition to cruise it along, becomes not only interesting, but perpetually mind bending, no matter how attuned one might be to folk music, or blues, or acoustic endeavors of any musical kind. Much congratulations to this old-timey blues artist, certainly one of a kind.
for Country Music News International Magazine

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