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CD: JULIA NEVILLE - Six Strings Are Hard On Diamond Rings

Six Strings Are Hard On Diamond Rings
This is a 'single' song CD, extremely handy for DJ distribution, sent to me by Allen Karl, one of our very best classic country performing artists that comes to LeMars.  He's also the CEO of Century II Records in Nashville.  Donna Cunningham, Executive director of Artist Development for Century II, discovered this incredibly gifted young woman at the Southern Ohio Opry in Lucasville, Ohio.  This particularly well written song, a good 'story' song about being a musician, the demands of trying to earn a living doing that, and being in love, and being married, and being, yes BEING one of the many music makers, perhaps God's most underpaid servants, tells it like it is.  Extremely well written song, but it's Julia's voice that 'sells' the song.  It always takes two to tango, and music-maker Julia does the dance beautifully with Jason Deere who wrote the song.  This lovely girl has a hard ladder to climb, she already knows that, but I would suggest that Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, move over a little bit so Julia can easily get by you on those charts you think so highly of.  If you don't, she'll go over your head anyway.  Why?  Because Julia doesn't need the 'box' to make her sound good, and she's singing 'truth' an element that has sort of faded out of country music in Nashville.  Marty Martel produced, using some elegant musicians, just right for the job.  Not sure the Rural Roots Music Commission is up for "Contemporary CD Single of the Year" but I sure am going to press them for it.
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