CD: JAMES ADELSBERGER - Are They Really Dead and Gone?

Are They Really Dead and Gone?
Arehey Really Dead and Gone? - Liquid Hell - Or You Can Tell Her That You're sorry - Riversong - Anybody Here Love A Nut - Me And My Sad Self - Sweet Abilene - Bad Whiskey Bad Sex and Bad Men - Mike's Guitar Fiddle Boogie - Barrooms and Bedrooms - Doctor! Doctor! - Uour Old Lady Strut - Could Be The Whiskey Talkin'
As I listen to this incredibly 'country' country CD by James Adelsberger, it was just announced that Brad Paisley called the Rolling Stones one of the greatest country bands ever.  I don't get it?  There must be something wrong with my ears!  Paisley in the past has been a pretty good 'country' artist even if he leans a little toward the 'pop' sound, but Thank God there's a young Virginia boy who knows what 'real' country is, and his name is James Adelsberger.  His mentor is a neat country dude in Virginia by the name of Mike Johnson.  Mike drives a big rig when he's not actually writing, recording, mentoring, or producing country music.  This album of James has some terrific instrumentation that takes my mind right back to what country music has always been.  The fiddle on this session is Michael Romans.  If you like to hear a good fiddle, the instrumental "Riversong" is absolutely amazing though a bit long, just the same it's terrific.  Loved the ending of what sounds like a rain storm or maybe an uneasy river.  James plays many of the other instruments himself, and he certainly knows what he's doing in creating this really good 'country' sound.  Mike Johnson wrote most of these songs, except for "Riversong" which James wrote.  I never cease to get amazed at what's happening in the scene behind the scene, because the modern commercial 'country' music world apparently does not know about the existence of young artists like James, probably because they are blinded by their own bought and paid for environment.  What's even more precious is the huge number of participants on the other side of the fence, namely ours who still believes in a very strong 'rural
 approach to country music.  Rolling Stones rock band a 'country' band?  I don't think so, and neither does Mike Johnson and James Adelsberger.  This recording came out on Roughshod Records, and though I've heard some of James advance single copies of his session, the end result is better than it's parts, and that's important, it means the entire project is not only above board pure country music, it's a reflection of the really good abilities of James, from vocals to every single instrument used in the session, as well as his incredible production ear which is phenomenal.  The motto of Roughshod Records is "Keepin' the Traditional Country Sound Alive!" and that sure is the case here.  Good going James, and thanks very much for really really good 'real' country music album.  This goes off to the Rural Roots Music Commission, it's not too late for that.
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