CD: DON SEUFERT - Songs Of Home

Songs Of Home
My Country Home - Family Reunion - The Hills of Monona County
Don Seufert is one of our down-home singers that likes to keep country music country.  This is a 3-song demo production, recorded at the R&H Studios here in Iowa.  Rick Andersen is on harmonica and guitar, and his wife Harriette is on the bass.  This couple are very active backing musicians wherever they go, and do a remarkably good job in the studio keeping old-time country music alive.  In the first song for instance, Don is singing about when the coyotes howl, and sure enough in the back ground we can hear a coyote howling.  Don's voice isn't going to knock any of the top-40 artists out of their positions, and quite frankly I would hope he wouldn't even try since what that top-40 consists of is everything BUT country music.  I love down-home country music like Don is singing on this demo CD.  He too likes the older style, so it's kind of fun to sit back in my chair, like I was on the back porch with him and Rick and Harriette just listening to good old-timey music played quite well, and certainly a good time passer.  Much success to Don in everything he does with country music, we'll always have a spot for him at the LeMars Festival anytime he might want to attend.
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