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CD: DAVID GREEN - Like 1950 At The Grand Ole Opry

Like 1950 At The Grand Ole Opry
     A lot of artists are doing 'one song' releases these days in an effort to get 'country radio' to 'listen' to real country music.  Many of these kind of writings and traditional country music recordings are coming from unknown artists in all parts of the United States.  In other parts of the world as well.  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, and most of Europe are all areas where the original pure down-home story-telling country music was, and still is, very popular and still existing, sometimes in large groups.  The artists and writers that still carry on that very American tradition of telling a 'story' in their songs, and performed with the beauty of simplicity still remain unknown, simply because the doors have been shut in Nashville for such a very very long time. The only way through those doors is with a lot of money.  And, that is definitely the problem with country music we hear on radio today.  The only writers and songs we hear are those that are either very wealthy or have a sponsor who is very wealthy.  That's not, and never has been, the 'value' placed on America's rural folks and the music they like, write, record, and play.  It definitely is not the 'value' placed on the huge number of incredibly gifted songwriters, vocalists, pickers, and fans of a musical genre that offered, not only likeable but readily understood, 'story's' inside the lyrics we hear.  David Green was inspired to write this song, even though he is self-admitted 'not' a songwriter, still, he was tremendously moved to write these words down, impossible for him not to.  It is a very personal 'statement' about what country music is today, and what it once was, and the difference between the two is a universe apart.  To keep the old tradition alive takes a certain amount of courage, and David Green has stepped to the plate, his guitar in hand, and hits, without a doubt, a home-run for 'real' traditional country music, the 'style' and 'support' still alive in rural America.  The fact that we can no longer share America's tremendously beautiful traditional style country music with the rest of America (or the world) isn't the problem.  The problem is that 'wealth' in the music business has prevented, and stopped dead in it's tracks, a musical genre to truly exist on an even playing field.  This song by David Green is definitely going to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their 'song of the year' award, and it's going to be interesting to see how David fares as he lifts his guitar in combat, to remind the world that the old-time style of country music is still alive and well in America.  He even describes, in his own words, the experience he had writing this song.  It's a down-home narration following the song.  Super well done David Green. 

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