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Curtis Braly Teams Up with Meningitis Angels to Raise Awareness of Preventable Meningitis

Country Recording Artist Curtis Braly Teams Up with Meningitis Angels
to Raise Awareness of Preventable Meningitis

After losing her only child at the young age of 18 to meningococcal meningitis, Frankie Milley founded Meningitis Angels, a national non-profit organization to raise awareness of the preventable disease. Meningitis Angels has become an organization specializing in international education, survivor communications, patient advocacy and support. Meningitis Angels currently represents over 600 angels and families across the U.S. and more than 15 abroad.

Milley resides in Houston, TX and recently teamed up with country recording artist, Curtis Braly. After teaming up with Meningitis Angels, Curtis quickly began to take action to help the organization and their worthy cause.
Curtis teamed up with songwriters Mary Francis and Derrick Hampton and immediately thought their song
“Angel Wings” would be a perfect fit as an anthem for Meningitis Angels. Curtis went into to the studio with a children’s choir, including meningitis survivors, to record “Angel Wings”. They also filmed a music video for
“Angel Wings” that featured Meningitis Angels representatives and meningitis survivors in a public service announcement at the end of the video.

Noting a recent meningitis outbreak at the University of Oregon, Curtis, Milley, and other Meningitis Angels representatives went to Oregon for World Meningitis Day and National Infant Immunization Week. In order to raise awareness, they spent Thursday April 23rd at the state capitol in Salem. While at the capitol, they publicly unveiled the music video and PSA for “Angel Wings”.

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, MD was also in attendance at the capitol to show her support. "This is a crucial time to have this conversation in Oregon. As a family physician, I believe this is the most important thing we can do.
This bill has bipartisan support. It's all about parental choice, and about government transparency to make sure people have the information they need to make informed decisions about their child's health" said Hayward. Senator Hayward has written Senate Bill 895 which encourages Oregon parents to get their school-aged children vaccinated. She is co-sponsoring the bill along with Oregon Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-26).

Curtis, Frankie, and other Meningitis Angels representatives are continuing to travel across the US to raise awareness about preventable meningitis. Their next stop will be in Nashville, Tennessee from May 5-6. The song “Angel Wings” is available for download, and proceeds will go to the
Meningitis Angels foundation.

For more information on country recording artist
Curtis Braly, please visit his website at: www.curtisbraly.comFor more information on the Meningitis Angels, please visit their website at: www.meningitis-angels.org

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