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CD: STAN WHEELER - I'd Ride Those Tracks Again

I'd Ride Those Tracks Again
19th Century Rose - BBQ Cowboy - I Ain't Been Anywhere - I'd Ride Those Tracks Again - Our Lady Pioneers - Red Georgina Sunset - Sleepy Old Gundiah - Son Of The Warrego - Thargominda - That's Where I Belong - Where The Sleepy Maranoa River Flows - The Scent of Australia
For reasons I'm not sure of, I have a lot of Australian CD's on my 'to review' list.  This is one among many, and quite frankly Stan Wheeler is another of the down-unders that writes his own songs, and this CD, along with several others, is a remarkable collection of what I would call simply great 'story' songs about living in Australia, especially 'rural' Australia.  Many of these experiences are relative to many of our Midwestern farmers and ranchers, and Stan Wheeler does an incredibly good job 'telling the story' of what it's like being born, living, working, and enjoying the rural life style in Australia.  Graeme Jensen is not only a fan, which is obvious from the way he played the lead guitar, the bass, the harmonica, the mandolin, the drums and the harmonies.  Quite well done at the Theebine Junction Studio.  Some of the words, of course, are Australian and a little bit difficult to understand the complete meaning of what they express. I had a little trouble with 'gundiah' and 'thargominda' but Stan gets to the point of things, and comes up with a good story anyway.  Every song on this very listenable album has the same kind of guitar start, a simple run up the scale.  This lacks originality, but it doesn't really detract from the contents of the songs. I like Stan's approach to 'description' and this is unique.  His 'storytelling' is also very predominant.  Off the CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Stan.
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