CD: The Cheaters - Waitin’ On Right Now

The Cheaters
Waitin’ On Right Now
Comin’ Down the Mountain 3:00 The Cotton’s Getting’ High 3:23
Waitin’ On Right Now 3:38 She’s Got a Way 3:52 Break It 3:24 A Heart This Cold 3:27
Shake it Strong 3:24 Let’s Break up Again 3:18
I think one of the most difficult things about putting a review together is going down through the list of albums. I know everyone says you can’t judge a book by its cover, but first I always just look down the names. I kind of shorten my list to choose from by doing that; usually I try to weed out the popular names, then the older more established ones, and finally the names I just don’t think I’ll like. After all that is finished I do a blind listen to test; I randomly pick songs and listen. The entire process takes a really long time. Plus, I like groups a lot more than just a band with a singer’s name. Tonight, I picked "The Cheaters".
Press play, then my jaw hits the floor. Coming Down The Mountain I do believe my well designed strategy at Russian Roulette of picking an album to review has proven itself worthy of any opponent's attempt. I just wish I had begun this review earlier in the week. The harmony, the jam, the lyrics, the guitar solos, the drum beat; need I say more.
The Cotton's Gettin' High almost seems to completely switch styles. The song kicks up a bit of funk. A forceful almost powerful feeling is forcing itself through the equalizer in your brain. Try to visualize watching a band perform a song in a brightly lit chandelier drenching ballroom with mirrored walls.
Waitin’ On Right Now, the title track is much more of one of those love songs that almost seems geared to impress that mass appeal of teen girls with radio play. I'm not saying it's not a good song, or that the writing of the music or lyrics is simplistic, it just seems to be picked as the title track to be the number one single(which so far I think was wrong).
Now that's back to it. She's Got a Way, is a mellow song, but it sets you in a nice groove. I play a trumpet so maybe I see things differently, but my foot was counting the time in such a comfortable rhythm that all I could do was sit back relax and fall into the song.
The title of this song scares me; Break it Up. Yeah this is not my favorite song on the EP. I don't know really how to explain this one. I may even have to say 90's pop. I know those are bad words, but I have to tell it how I think it is.
A Heart This Cold, is really hardcore country. This is definitely a song you'll be hearing at a saloon, or any country western establishment. It may not creep up the charts, but I believe it'll catch on and be on every jukebox there still is across the world.
Shake it Strong, is lyrically a great song. Listen to it, and think about it. It has a great beat and rhythm. The guitar is a pretty powerful force in the song as well. And finally, we have Let's Break up Again. This song almost seems like a last call, or a curtain call. Plus, it is so true. I think everyone has been in this situation. If you haven't you haven't lived and loved.
One can foresee great things coming from this group. It really all relies on what road they really focus on. I thought the album should have been titled Comin' Down the Mountain. I believe these guys would do awesome outdoor venues. It's really up to them and the decisions they make in the next few years.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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