Thursday, April 9, 2015

24 h 7 days the week Country Music News International Radio Show April 9. 2015

24 h 7 days the week Country Music News International 

Radio Show April 9. 2015

1 Tall Girls -Bbob Carrithers 2 Crazy Like Me - Ray Scott 3 what if we've only got tonight - Honey Ryder 4 Country Music News International Magazine Interview with Eileen Carey 5 Sweet Love -Eileen Carey 6 This Road - Jambalaya w Ray Weaver 7 Wicked woman Don Kesson 8 My Elusive Dreams- Emilie w Kelly Lewis 9 I Can Help -Fistful of Dollars 10 Moonshine For Cars- Dustin Conaway ft.Scott Webb 11 Back That Truck Up - Anthony Tullo 12 Eyes Of Green - Chasing grace 13 That's The Way A Cowboy Rocks And Rolls -Laila Hansen 14 Boys Making Noise - Richard Lynch 15 Chocolate Jesus - J.Tex & The Volunteers 16 Gettin' Back to Country - Cody Joe Hodges

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