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Claire Petrie Ran Into During Country Radio Seminar

It Goes To Show You Never Can Tell…Who Claire Petrie Ran Into During Country Radio Seminar
Playback Records country artist Claire Petrie wrapped up a successful Country Radio Seminar #CRS2015 last week in Nashville, promoting her newest release, (C’est la Vie) You Never Can Tell.
Petrie received great praise from radio personalities commenting on her vocal versatility and fantastic personality as well as meeting journalists from outlets including United Stations Radio Networks, Radio Waves International, All About Country, CMR Nashville and Country Music News International. “What an incredible few days in Nashville,” said Petrie. “I got to meet wonderful people and introduce my music to them. It’s a dream come true to continue doing what I love and I can’t wait to visit these radio stations soon.”

Bill Hennes, All About Country
Kristen Merlin from The Voice #TeamShakira
Christian Lamitschka, Country Music News International

Claire meeting and greeting radio folks at the GrassRoots Radio Promotion Dinner
Philippe Dpetriembenz, Radio Waves International
Claire meeting radio folks at the GrassRoots Radio Promotion Dinner

Dr. Dave, KDKD-FM, Clinton, MO
Richard Kimball, United Stations Radio Networks
Mike Betten, KLMJ-FM, Hampton, IA

One may have heard this catchy tune, (C’est la Vie) You Never Can Tell, sung before by the pioneer of rock and roll Chuck Berry or by Grammy-award winning country icon Emmylou Harris. Claire’s rendition has contemporary country flair. The official music video, which is available here, tells the story of an elderly couple at the beginning of the video with a teenage wedding and their lifestyle afterwards.
This single is off her upcoming brand new album, The One, which was produced by country music industry veteran, Jack Gale. It includes 11 tracks that profiles her impressive vocal range and pushes the boundaries of both ends of her musical scale. Her ability to belt out an up-tempo tune with both power and precision is evident on the debut single.
With a musical mission to bring passion and purpose to the genre she loves, Claire has crafted her signature sound when she was on tour with her family. Raised in a large musical family in Saratoga Springs, New York, and currently in West Palm Beach, FL, she was born to musical parents who instilled a love of melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme deep within her.

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