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CD: TANNER YOUNG - A Little More Country

A Little More Country
Highway 40 Blues - Made In Japan - The Auctioneer - By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line - Amarillo By Morning - He'll Have To Go - Streets of Bakersfield - Devil Woman - Statue Of A Fool
As Tanner Young has matured in his musical endeavors, this particular CD took him to some marvelous highs in the music world.  This session was Tanner's first step in bringing his own talent together we equal peers.  Tanner stays true to his own abilities, and features his own lead guitar and mandolin as his instrumentation, as well as all the vocals.  BUT, he teamed up with some amazing musicians to create this full-blown professional CD.  Brad Davis is a Grammy winner that utilizes what he calls the double-down-up guitar technique, and aside from Tanner he has had the incredible experience of backing people like Willie Nelson, Cheryl Crow, Earl Scruggs, Emy Lou Harris, the list is long and impressive.  Tanner also asked Milo Deering, who recorded and toured with Leann Rimes, to play fiddle and steel on this project.  Deering has been on the Tonight Show, and remarkably also recorded with Slim Whitman, among a slew of other recording artists.  Shawnda Rains, who co-produced this delightful album, and contributed some background vocals, as did Charlie Shearer a very successful recording artist in Europe.  Put that all together with the brilliant talent of Tanner himself, and you already know this is one delightful CD to listen to, especially if you like classic country music.  Not country music of today, CLASSIC country music. We don't get to know the excellent bass player on this session, but he/she sure stands out on the very first song "Highway 40 Blues" that terrific Ricky Skaggs hit.  Tanner does a remarkably good job on this rendition, and it's easy to understand why it's the first song out of the chute.   As you read the names of the songs he has included in this remarkable musical adventure, you can see where the heart of Tanner Young is.  It's where the country songs of the past exist so well with the newest authentic country songs, even bluegrass which is what "Highway 40 Blues" is all about.  This a terrific album, and will go to the Rural Roots Music Commission, along with a high recommendation that you seek it out if you like really good authentic classic country music.
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