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CD: RODNEY MORSS - Almost Home

Almost Home
I Wish I Could Tell You - What Good Is Goodbye - Almost Home - Keep On Livin' - If You Never Tell Me Why - Headed Home, Almost There - All Hell Broke Loose - Same Old Frame Of Mind - It Might As Well Be Me - Born In America
There's something about Southern Gospel I really like.  Actually Rodney Morss's album might not even be labeled Southern Gospel, he lives in Galesburg, Illinois.  More accurately this CD is a tremendous testimony to Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Rodney has no problem stating what he believes, and it's up-tempo, its a little bit rock and roll, it's a whole lot sincere.  I really really like gospel music that comes from a sincere heart.  I've heard some that is simply a means to make money, and it doesn't sit well with me.  Rodney Morss on the other hand, is a 'Gospel' singer.  He admits he doesn't have all the answers, but he's certainly willing to try to find them which he so adequately tells us in the very first song. This is a fast moving and tremendously moving testimony to Christ.  The selection of songs is also very important to Rodney.  He picks songs he not only can sing well, he picks songs that he believes in, very much so.  His past is similar to many young people who have picked up the Cross of Christ.  Rodney was one of those into drugs, liquor, hard living, hard not living, and finally found his way out of it all on a hospital bed when he was visited by Jesus Christ.  Rodney has a very very good voice, a very very good voice for Jesus.  In today's world where Islamic Terrorists believe their only way to heaven is by the destruction of Christians, don't you sometimes move aside the hate that comes upon us, and feel incredible sorrow for anyone who would believe that kind of doctrine.  That's what Rodney Morss is really all about.  Getting the message out about the eternal peace and love of Jesus Christ.  Rodney establishes his ministry in one short paragraph.  "We seek to improve the well being of those around us.  We actively serve through music the Message of Hope... Mercy.... and Deliverance to those who will listen and hear the voice of the Savior."  One of my favorite musicians, Glen Duncan is on this project playing fiddle, banjo, and mandolin.  Scott Sanders on steel, Duncan Mullins on bass, Kelly Back on guitar, Ricky Free on drums, and Jonathan Brown on keyboard.  I hear an occasional reference in the guitar picking that is very reminiscent of Jerry Reed.  Super good album, just right for those who like their Gospel music a little country, a little rock, a little Southern style, a little traditional, this is it.  We'll be forwarding it to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their perusal, I'm thinking they'll like it too.
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