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CD: PETER TRENHOLM - Our Tribute to Hank Williams

Our Tribute to Hank Williams
VOCALS BY PETER TRENHOLM: Our Tribute to Hank Williams, Baby We're Really In Love - Settin' The Woods On Fire - Nobody's Lonesome For Me - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You - Take These Chains From My Heart - They'll Never Take Her Love From Me - MUSIC BY GEORGE LONGARD:  You Win Again - Cold Cold Heart - Window Shoppin' - Hey Good Lookin' - Your Cheatin' Heart - A Mansion On The Hill - I Won't Be Home No More
A couple years ago Peter Trenholm made the trek to the LeMars Festival all the way from Newfoundland.  His presence was instant.  His incredible dedication and love for Hank Williams music is so very obvious the first time you hear him sing.  He was an instant hit at the festival, and he returned home with a suitcase of memories.  Not much later, he met again an old friend, George Longard a terrific guitarist in the Hank Williams style.  Together they blended their skills to produce this really neat Hank Williams tribute album.  Peter does not 'sound like' Hank Williams, nor does he try.  He has his own voice and uses it well.  His emphasis is always at the right spot, and actually re-sells the terrific gift of Hank Williams songwriting abilities.  The songs stand on their own, and Peter uses his dedicated voice to re-introduce some terrific country music.  Hank Williams certainly was 'country' music in his day, and I'm pretty sure if he could hear how the word 'country' has been hijacked by today's modern singers, he would be very disappointed in what he heard.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding what is and what isn't country music today.  For those that 'know' Hank Williams songs, there is no doubt.  For those that have been short changed and have never had the opportunity to know what 'real' country music is all about, are definitely the losers.  Yes of course 'change' is inevitable, but destruction of a musical genre isn't really 'change' it's just a hijacking technique using an already established fan base to further the cause of a completely different genre of music.  According to Peter Trenholm and George Longard, the original 'genre' is safe and completely re-established for anyone who cares to listen.  This entire CD is a very well thought out and very well recorded session.  I wish there were more of these going around, but country radio has been hijacked too.  This in itself has become controversial, even in Nashville.  Some important people are scratching their heads, 'wondering' what happened to country music?
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