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CD: LEX K My - First Song

My First Song
Sequel to the Judas Bullocks - Boundary Rider Troy - My Heartache Just Started Up Again - Ripped Off - Rolling Down The Road - My First Song - Kidman Jillaroos - The Only Man to Come Between Us - Old Train Tracks - Good Friends - To Remember It All - Just Another Show
The good news is that Lex K is making plans to be at the LeMars Festival this year.  He's an incredible songwriter, eleven of the thirteen songs on this album are his.  Lex knows what country music songwriting is all about.  Every one of his songs has a 'story' in it, and 12 of the 13 songs on this album are written by Lex.   He makes his home in Australia, and sings about his life there, about his friends, about his experiences.  He has a very likable voice, easy to listen to and easy to understand.  I really enjoyed his song "My First Song" and along with this very nice piece of songwriting, inside on the insert is a picture of the old Munna Creek Hall, where Lex actually did sing his first song.  The building is old, a bit faded in the paint and a bit rusty on the tin roof, but it must surely contain some incredible memories being out there in the hinter lands of Australia.  It was built in 1912, and I wonder if it isn't still being used. The grass around it is all neatly mown, and it still has awnings above the entry doors.  Lex also uses very good musicians on his recordings for Kross Kut Records, who have a lot of genuine country music artists working for them.  In this session, Lex plays rhythm guitar, but is also joined by Lindsay Waddington and Charley Boyter.  Charley is an old friend, he once came to the LeMars festival and we enjoyed him profusely.  On the bass is Neil Buttsworth and Grant Hart.  Drums features Lindsay Waddington.  Grant Hart on piano and strings; Lawrie Minson on steel guitar, Dobro, banjo, and harp; Hugh Curtis on fiddle and mandolin (excellent work throughout); and Mark Rigney on banjo.  Backup singers were Anita Ree (who also sings on one of the songs) and Dan Manning.  A nicely done, thoroughly enjoyable album of 'real' country music, so different from today's run-of-the-mill so-called country from Nashville.  What a pleasant experience to open up a new CD (at least new for me), and hear some terrific music, 'real' music, 'real' country.  I'll be sending this CD off to the Rural Roots Music Commission, who I have also sent one other Lex K album for this year's consideration.  We'll be looking forward to this very nice country music representative from Australia.
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