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CD: DON JOY - You'll Wish You Were Back In My Arms

You'll Wish You Were Back In My Arms
Water Into Wine - What Have I Done - You'll Wish You Were Back In My Arms - Stars Fall ON Alabama - Lucky Penny - Full Moon Saloon - Oh Blue Eyes - I Love You Honey - She Sure Is An Angel To Me - Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Mr Moon - Now That It's Over 
This album is one of Don Joy's earlier works, released in 2009, but I wanted to listen to what he was doing back then, and not surprisingly he was doing some super great classic country music.  All twelve songs on this album are originals by Don.  I was especially impressed with the very first song, the words are so meaningful, and so well placed in the rhythmic pattern he set with this very well recorded song.  Don sings a lot about love, lost love, and how to get it all back again.  He farms down in Missouri, so he has a 'special' attachment to reality and the purity of what country music once was, and is so lacking today.  They say the pen is mightier than he sword, and Don Joy certainly proves that with this album.  He went to Tennessee to record this one, utilizing the Sound Control Studio of Mark Moseley for the finished product.  These are all good Tennessee musicians on the session, and they sound like they are having a whale of a good time recording 'real' country music.  They backed Don all the way through with a very nice country sound, especially the steel which is predominate throughout.  Don insisted on good fiddle and piano too, so you know what to expect from this fine recording.  We keep hearing a lot of whining today about no good original 'real' county music coming out of Nashville, but if those stupid decision makers would take the money out of their ears they could 'hear' what real country music still is.  It's not locked in time, or wasted away in the past, it's very 'real' and it's very 'available.'  It's on this album by Don Joy.  I've heard at least five really great country songs on this album that could be 'hit' material for any 'real' country star.  I've already sent several of Don Joy's CD's to the Rural Roots Music Commission, and this one will go there too.  I'm pretty sure they are going to like this one just as much as I do.  Much continued success in 'real' country music Don Joy, don't let it die away, keep up the good work.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net             
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