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2015 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

2015 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

On March 25 at the Country Hall of Fame and Museum's rotunda, the Class of 2015 Inductees were announced by the Hall of Famer "Little Miss Dynamite" Brenda Lee. 

The speculations are always many among country music lovers and media before the names of the honorees are revealed. This year artists that were in the predictions will be inducted in the Veteran's Era, and they are Jim Ed Brown and The Browns. The Modern Era category inductees are The Oak Ridge Boys and the late Grady Martin will be inducted in the category Recording and/or Touring Musician active prior to 1980.

All of the inductees have contributed in significant ways to keep country music alive and well, broaden its audience and keep it on people's minds and in their hearts. If you ever have heard "On The Road Again" with Willie Nelson, "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley and "El Paso" by Marty Robbins, you have heard Grady Martin play. Jim Ed Brown and The Browns have given us "Looking Back To See", "Three Bells" and "The Old Lamplighter" and toured all over the world which made people who hadn't been familiar with the genre before discover and start loving country music.

The Oak Ridge Boys is a group that - just like The Browns - has very distinct and original style vocal harmonies, but unlike The Browns intricate soft and tender style, The Oak Ridge Boys have put more emphasis on - in their own words - power. Starting out as a gospel quartet, they went over to country in 1977 and had their first success with "Y'all Come Back Saloon". "Elvira" is another of their big hits.

A Medallion Ceremony will be held for the inductees later this fall.

 Shelley Ridge for Country Music International Magazine

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