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COUNTRY JACK HARPER - Here's a few I wrote...and a few I didn't

Here's a few I wrote...and a few I didn't
I'd Say We're Even - I'll Never Stand In Your Way - Crawfish Crawfish - I Love you Because - The Strangest Thing I Ever Saw - Heart of a Clown - Baby's Gone - Here Comes My Baby Back Again - Go West Young Man, to West Monroe - I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven - Mississippi
I am very familiar with Gene Breeden who is the lead guitarist and producer of this CD.  Breeden knows what country music is, and he also knows what it isn't.  Fortunately for Country Jack Harper, Gene did a remarkably good job keeping this CD right down the line classic and traditional country music.  The first song that grabbed me was "Crawfish Crawfish" ... WOW the fiddle and Dobro are magnificent on this song.  I mean these guys are having "FUN" recording this one.  And believe it or not it's a well written Jack Harper song full of fun.  But, he doesn't linger in that aura, he jumps right back into classic country.  That's what makes listening to CD's that do not come from the 'mill' in Nashville so much fun these days.  It's still 'real' and it's still 'authentic.'  The musicians in Nashville can play anything, and do, but some of them still know what that 'true' country sound is like, and they dig until they find it.  That's what happened for lucky Jack Harper on this session.  It is extremely well mixed, and ALL of the musicians are enjoying doing this session.  Probably won't make a spot next to Blake Shelton on the top-40, that takes tons of money, but if it did, it would be above him.    Of the ten songs on this super good listening experience, I like Jack's own originals best.  He makes a nice blend of the combination, but I like his humor best, especially in "That's The Strangest Thing I Ever Saw" which has a nice Ray Stevens touch to it, but still it's Jack's own song through and through.  All of his own originals stand out considerably in this session.  He picked some nice 'other' songs to record, but his own are the best.  Gene Breeden did a super nice job on the session and the mix, for my poor old 'country' ear, it's right on the mark.  He invited Barry Wayne to do the drums as well as engineering; Billy Anderson on piano and bass; John Heinrich on steel guitar, Dobro, and banjo, and David Russell on fiddle.  Sure do like that fiddle Mr. Russell....you are the mandatory in 'real' country music, don't let them put you on a shelf.   Singers came in handy too; Lorraine Walden, Les Barnett, and Barry Wayne.  Off this one goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission

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  1. I own this CD and absolutely love it,Crawfish Crawl is the best! It is a feel good CD. Thanks Jack for sharing your talent!