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CD: Smokin’ Joe Wiseman

Smokin’ Joe Wiseman

Greenback Dollar 2:18 Makin’ Love to You (CD Version) 4:08 Buckets of Rain 3:43
See What’s Become of Me 2:51 The Only Sin 3:44 Snowflakes 3:06 Dance Away With Me 4:14
Bred in the Bone 3:14 Saddest Eyes 3:22Bound for Hell 3:24 Makin’ Love to You(Radio Version) 3:43

Smokin’ Joe Wiseman, I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. You see, Smokin’ Joe and I have a little bit of a history. He hit my Facebook page a long time ago asking about how to get his album reviewed by Country Music News International. I explained that I couldn’t touch it until it went through the necessary channels (he had to figure out how to get it into Christian hands). Since then, I’ve kept an eye out and watched his following grow. I saw his album in the Dropbox folder I share with a handful of other writers a month or two ago. But, since I’ve been busy with this new journal I haven’t been able to get to it. Well Joe, let me give it a go.
Greenback Dollar, revs it up. I don’t remember Smokin’ Joe sounding like this, but now I can understand the name. This is the kind of country that makes you believe you are at the Daytona 500, or at a NASCAR race with the cars roaring by you spitting black tar off the track, like Southern rock at its finest.
Makin’ Love to You(CD Version), switches gears and brings you into that old empty road house with a great country duet. You may be drowning your sorrows for a bit but then you get that hometown lovin’ that you haven’t seen in a while. This song comes equipped with a fiddle just so you know where you are. Buckets of Rain, sets the mood with its blues harp. A real sweet love song, that’d probably be one of those end of the night greats you play on the way home with your woman.
See What’s Become of Me, brings that fiddle along for a mellow ballad. Smokin’ Joe Wiseman has really impressed me with this one. The lyrics are a great tour through a country singers life on the road. The sound reminds me of the great man in black. The Only Sin, is another story, but this one has to do with the worry bearing down on the conscience of a wartime soldier. The feeling is then compared to feelings of crossing the line of anyone’s beliefs system.
The poetic storytelling of this album is demonstrated by, Snowflakes. There really is no comparison but this song in general has a Native American folktale sound to it. For songs like this I’d love to know the back story. Dance Away With Me, brings back the sixties with its great country dreaming beneath the stars folk music. It’ll bring you into one of those outdoor festivals where people come together and camp out for the weekend.
Bred in the Bone, has a southern blues rhythm accompanied by back-up singers and an electric guitar that’s notes would be floating out any opening door in New Orleans. Saddest Eyes, carries that dreary sad sound carried by the guitar. Bound for Hell, seems a New Englander’s tale.
My favorite song on the entire album, and there were a lot of great songs to choose from, is Bound for Hell. I am also at a loss for words on this one. I wish I had been able to review it when I first got the message from Smokin’ Joe Wiseman. This is definitely a must have in any collection.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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  1. Thank you Jeremy for your very kind review and for "getting" what I had to say. You are a gentleman indeed!