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CD: DON JOY - Train Keeps A Rollin'

Train Keeps A Rollin'
Bring Her Back From Mexico - Light Of My Life - Not That Good At Saying Goodbye - Our Love Memories - Why Not Let Her Go - Wedding Bells - I'm Still In Love With You - Train Keeps A Rollin'
You might remember that I recently reviewed an album by Don Joy and Melanie Lynn, and was quite impressed with this farmer from Missouri who writes such good 'love' songs.  This particular album is one of his older works that he done on his own.  All of the songs are his own compositions, and all of them are, again, love songs.  He's got a very interesting approach to love, love lost, love won.  Don has a unique way of rhyming his words in such a way that the 'story' of each song he writes, is magnified simply by doing that.  "She kissed me goodbye, as she got on the train, as the tears slowly overfilled my eyes.  You know that I love you, and I'm sorry for the pain."  See how he managed to get 'train' and 'pain' in one paragraph that makes a small story in itself.  This is the work of a great 'real' country music songwriter.  Great musicians 'feeling' Don's original music at the session too.  I think he records in Arkansas somewhere, but not sure about this project.  Terry Scarberry on guitar; Steve Short on drums; Mike Myers on bass (no not that Mike Myers); Don Johnson on keyboard (no not that Don Johnson); Greg Letlow on fiddle; and Johnnie Helms on steel.  All of the musicians seem to 'feel' Don's songwriting abilities, and my guess is they grasp the 'feeling' they want to get early on.  We'll be definitely be looking forward to having Don Joy at the LeMars Festival, and who knows, maybe Melanie Lynn will join him.  I like the 'title' track best of all "Train Keeps A Rollin" it's fast moving, it's old time rail road, it's a great song, would even do good as a bluegrass tune, for sure.  All of Don's graphics are great too.  He know's what he wants, and he's determined to make it happen.  I have a feeling this guy is going to find a very substantial outlet for his music, it's just the right person at the right time waiting to happen. 
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