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AUSTIN, Texas — Building on its celebrated self-titled debut album, Austin-based acoustic band Wood & Wire is set to unveil a follow-up release, The Coast, on February 3, 2015. 

The Coast, a coming-of-age collection of original songs with a coastal theme, Wood & Wire worked again with Grammy-nominated engineer and producer, Erick Jaskowiak. From J Studios in Nashville, the fitting pair came together to produce a fine album featuring mature songwriting, skilled arrangements, and memorable song forms. 

Representative of the group’s substantial musical chops, title track “The Coast” is a perfect blend of style and lyrics. Guest Jason Carter’s mountainous fiddle intro winds perfectly into Fisher’s chanting bass. The almost orchestral bluegrass arrangement makes listeners sway, rollick, and empathize right along with Kamel as his wailing tenor channels the sea, “With salty water come salty folk, full of salty jokes and flair, and they’ll stare you down with blood-shot eyes and say it’s the salty air.”
Highlights include the traditional-leaning “Anne Marie,” story songs like the tragic ballad, “The Good Son,” and “Greener Grass,” a lamentation over time wasted “always chasing greener grass.” Smith’s extensive banjo skills stand out in his original instrumental, “Elucidation” and “Dancin’ On My Grave.” 

Wood & Wire will celebrating the release of The Coast with tour dates this Spring.

January 9 – Bugle Boy – LaGrange, Texas 
February 13 – The Parish with Shotgun Party – ALBUM RELEASE SHOW! – Austin
February 20 – Winter Wondergrass – Edwards, Colo.
March 6 – Big Nac Festival – Nacogdoches, Texas
March 18 – Music City Roots – Franklin, Tennessee
March 27 – Fitzgerald’s, Houston
May 30 – John Hartford Memorial Festival – Morgantown, Ind.
July 25 – Rockygrass – Lyons, Colo.

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