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George Jones Museum Plans To Be Unveiled

George Jones Museum Plans To Be Unveiled
Monday, January 12 in Nashville

Detailed Museum Designs To Reveal Layout of Museum, Restaurant, Rooftop Bar and Event Space

Who: Nancy Jones

What: Revealing plans & drawings for the George Jones Museum, restaurant, rooftop bar & event space

Where: Riverfront RTA/MTA Station (1st Avenue and Broadway; 108 1st Ave S)

When: Monday, January 12 at 11am (Central)

Nancy Jones will unveil plans and drawings for the George Jones Museum on Monday, January 12th.  The museum will incorporate a gift shop, restaurant, rooftop bar, event space and music venue.  At 128 and 130 Second Avenue North, the popular tourist destination formerly known as Graham Central Station, will be transformed into a four-story, 44,000 square foot immersion in the legend and legacy of George Glenn Jones.

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