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CD: TERRY JUHL - Spirit of America

Spirit of America
Spirit of America - My Special Lady -Trinity - Take the 'X' Out of Christmas - God's Gift - Morning Prayer - Wishes, Hopes and Dreams - Calvary - Mothers - Please Don't Answer - A Veteran - Rough Around the Edges - Denny's Chain of Love - The Project
I've been waiting for awhile to get a new album coming out of World Famous Records, and here it is.  Terry Juhl lives up in Hampton, Iowa, and I'm sure a participant in the monthly 'jams' that take place at the local theater there. This very well done CD is all originals by Terry.  I've heard him sing and perform at various functions in the past few years, but did not know he was such a good songwriter.  He was fortunate to become a member of World Famous Records.  It was here that he obtained the incredibly gifted musical services of Sharon and Roger Kenaston, perhaps our very best musicians in the entire upper Midwest.   On this particular project, Sharon is doing some incredible harmony vocals, matching Terry's voice to a "T" and also adding rhythm guitar and of course upright bass.  Roger is playing guitar and Dobro, and by the time the final mix rolled around, we are able to hear an entire really good original traditional country music band performing Terry Juhl's original songs.  The first one out of the chute is a nice patriotic song, though a bit long at nearly five minutes.  I suspect the recording was made earlier than just recently because I've heard Terry doing some of these songs at his various appearances.  We are very sad we aren't part of the Hampton Music Festival anymore, it was there that we got to hear Terry sing 'live'  quite often.  He's a good volunteer (he worked in the kitchen at that festival), and he's always offering a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  He's working with a trio called "Two Juhls and a Gem" and it sounds like they are also putting forth some great classic and traditional country music which is where I would put this very well done CD. Terry's name has been placed in nomination for induction into 'America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame' however that process is done through someone already in the Hall of Fame.  I would like to send this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission and see what they think of 'traditional country music CD of the year.' In the meantime I will be looking forward to a CD from 'Two Juhls and a Gem' which I believe is in the process of being made right now. I think my favorite song on this one is "A Veteran" which is nicely written, down home, and easy to understand.  Keep at it Terry, we're looking for more.
REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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