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CD: STOMPIN' TOM - Kic' Along

Kic' Along
The Hockey Song - To It & At It - The Coal Boat Song - Margo's Cargo - Luke's Guitar - Muckin' Slushers (A Damn Good Song For A Miner) - Handy-Man Blues (The I Don't Know How To Fix The Damn Thing Blues) - Song Of The Irish Moss - Wreck Of The Tammy Annie - Black Donnelly's Massacre - Jenny Donnelly - Tribute To Wilf Carter - Zakuska Polka - Red River Jane - The Consumer - Muk Luk Shoo - Okanagan Okee - Rita MacNeil (A Tribute) - Don Messer Story - Believe In Your Country
This is without a doubt one of the most 'tongue in cheek' CD's I've ever listened to.  Stompin' Tom is well known in Canada, mostly because of these 'funny' songs.  However he's a very good vocalist.  He has a kind of distinguished voice with a lot of individuality.  "Nangy twangy nangy twangy twangy a tweedle another dang twang."  Well, how can you beat that for an introduction to "Luke's Guitar" a pretty long 'story' in song, but like nearly everything Tom has done on this CD, it's very amusing and humorous.  I would like to think perhaps he's from Newfoundland, since he mentions this several times in this 20-song CD.  Some of the songs are recorded in a studio, and some of them are performed 'live' so it's hard to determine if the same musicians are participating in all the offerings.  Tom is a very clever writer, and specializes in humor in his songs, and from some of the audience response on the 'live' presentations, they enjoy it very much.  He's also a history-writer as the song "Wreck Of The Tammy Annie" describes, but it is definitely not a 'funny' song.  Neither is "Black Donnelly's Massacre."  I kind of like this historical documentation of events from the past, even if it is a bit long.  This is how we keep some of the legends and stories alive through the centuries, Lord knows commercial music doesn't want to have anything to do with that.  I really like the fiddle on "Zakuska Polka" and the melody line is really neat.  All in all, the historian's viewpoint is still alive and well with Stompin' Tom from Canada
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