Monday, January 26, 2015

CD: MARTEKA AND WILLIAM - The Sounds of a Tradition

The Sounds of a Tradition
Yonder Stands Little Maggie - Cripple Creek - I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome - Reuben - Sally Ann - Head Over Heels - John Henry - When The Angels Carry Me Home - Rambling Gambler - Sally Goodin - Johnson Ridge Special
Wow, what a waker-upper for some incredible gifted and well-played traditional bluegrass music.  Many of my own friends know how close I was to Jimmy Martin, and to hear this young brother-sister bringing their incredible vigor and West Virginia strength back to bluegrass music is absolutely stunning, to say the least.  Marteka is the sister, she's one hot 5-string banjo player.  William, the brother, is on the guitar and he's one hot picker and praise the Lord, a singer of mountain music the way it should be sung. This delightful and incredibly talented duo will find barriers getting their music played on radio.  Why?  Because they are 'real' the very 'realist' you can get, especially in bluegrass music.  There are already bluegrass 'snobs' in our midst, meaning the music has to be one specific style, smoother louder and faster.  No room for traditional nasal singers permitted.  That negative will probably not stand up to this wonderful brother-sister act from West Virginia.  Joining this amazing duo are two other incredibly gifted musicians, Corrina Rose Logston Stephens on one hot fiddle, and Bruce Jones for some simply amazing hot Dobro playing.  Charley Lake is on the acoustic upright bass.  If you will look at the names of the songs this incredibly good young group is playing, you will see the very epitome of where bluegrass music is and where it came from.  It's early in the year but this CD goes directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission with my high recommendation for "Traditional Bluegrass CD of the Year" award.  I'm also going to our own Board to see if our "Rising Legends" can get some notice, respect, and honor for this group.  This entire CD is traditional bluegrass, the very best of the genre when it was still young and still just for the 'folks' back home.  This young West Virginia group is certainly keeping that particular torch alive, and I certainly wish them the very best in their efforts at not only sharing their music, but also for their efforts in keeping the music in the genre it was created. Shelly Lake is the producer and engineer of this delightful CD.  She definitely knows what she is doing in the recording studio, I've not heard high-power acoustic instruments mixed quite so well before.  Five stars all the way around, and looking forward to more of the same.
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Lance Coffman said...

I for one up here in Indiana about 20 miles from the famous BeanBlossom Festival. Do think Marteka and William and their group should be on every bluegrass radio station and the Big bluegrass artists should grab these kids up immediately and let them tour with them. REMEMBER you big artists you once started like they are. COME ON GET THESE KIDS NOTED BIG TIME. Lance Coffman

David White said...

They have it! That's a good thing for the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

This is real talent and should be heard! these kids are way better than some bands already established and recorded. In my opinion they should be featured at every Bluegrass festival they can possibly book so the people can hear how its supposed to be played and sung!

jim ferguson said...

absolute beautiful vices and love the traditional sound need more here in indiana

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