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Sonny French - Country Music in his genes!

Sonny French - Country Music in his genes!

At just seven years old, Sonny French has achieved what many artists much older can only dream of!  The recent release of his first full-length album "Seven" features some of this country's most talented and admired musicians, and promises to propel this talented youngster headlong onto much bigger stages.

Already a winner of junior talent quests and regular performer on mum and dad's shows, Sonny has a warm and cheeky personality that makes audiences fall in love with him.  He has an amazing talent for harmony, plays guitar and ukulele and is always keen to share the limelight with his friends and siblings!  Sonny sings his best at night apparently, he's "not just trying to stay up late", he tells us on the liner notes!

The album includes songs from country greats such as Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Jimmie Rogers and also some guest appearances from friend Ivy Simpson on the incredibly catchy "Dumb Ways To Die", and mum Camille French "But You Love Me Mummy" and the Nashville TV show hit, "A life That's Good".  The entire French Family appears on "Daddy Frank".  The real gem on this album is the song penned by Sonny himself, a touching and heartfelt tribute to home and family "Home", that proves that song writing is best when it comes from the heart – even a 7-year old one!

Sonny's future is looking very bright indeed - it's in his genes!

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  1. Thank you Country Music News International! What an awesomely talented young man!