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IAN HANDS & ZETA BURNS - Rolling Along Queensland Country Style

Rolling Along Queensland Country Style
Australia - Blazin' The Trail - I'm Movin' On - Golden Pathway - Answer To Geisha Girl - Folsom Prison Blues - Beautiful Island - They Don't Play Country Music At The Opry Anymore - You're Lookin' At Country - Goodbye Danny Darling - King Of The Brumbies - My Broken Heart - Lights On The Hill - The City Bushman - The Sunshine Mail - Nightingale Yodel - Mount Isa - Answer To Where The Yellow Roses Bloom - Rollin' Along - They Don't Make Them Like My Daddy Anymore - Just Le Me Sing And Yodel
Crikeys, I just love the way the Australians keep country music country.  This has got to be one of the best 'real' country albums I've ever heard from down under.  Zeta Burns doesn't only have a stunningly beautiful country voice, she is a very accomplished songwriter.  First song out of the chute is a lovely tribute to her homeland.  Ian Hands is also one terrific singer, but more than that, he can yodel like no one I've ever heard in that particular style.  AND he also can do some of the standards like "Movin' On" and make it sound real.  I also like Don Brose who adds some interesting songs on this CD.  I have never heard anyone but Sharon Kenaston (Nebraska) do Jerry Chesnut's song "They don't Make Them Like My Daddy Anymore" and do it so well, but Don Brose does a nice job with this absolutely great song.  It's Zeta Burns lovely country voice that really steals the heart away however.  What's even more incredible, though she sounds about 30, this wonderful lady is over 83 years old.  Much of the backing music was provided by Graeme Jensen who played lead; bass; rhythm; mouth organ; mandolin; accordion; and sang harmony.  Candice Patrick added the fiddle tracks.  Ian and Zeta have had an interesting career doing old-style country music, as has Don Brose, and I would certainly use my Executive Privilege to nominate this trio into our America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  If they can get to us from Australia is another story, we'll see. This is a very impressive CD, especially to someone who likes their country music to be country.  Zeta wrote a very defining song "They Don't Play Country Music At The Opry Anymore," and says it as well, or better, than most of the folks who feel the same way about how far removed today's so-called country music is from it's roots.  Come to Iowa you three wonderful troubadours, and we'll make you feel right at home.
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