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CD: TRINTY RIVER BAND - Better Than Blue

Better Than Blue
Better Than Blue - A Sinner's Prayer - Jacob's Ladder - My Heart Will Find It's Way To You - Willie and Mary - Barefoot Breakdown - Pure Poison - Faithless Heart - Daddy's Hands - Steel and Blood - I'll Love You Just The Same - Mystery Train
We just had Larry Cordle at our annual festival in 2014, a magnificent writer, and certainly an incredibly good entertainer.  He really knocked our audience out at LeMars, Iowa, where the festival is held.  Lo and behold, first song on this Trinity River Band CD is a Cordle song.... "Better Than Blue." There are three lovely ladies singing lead in the Harris family, and they are not 'named' individually on each song, but they all sing tremendously well.  Making their home in Florida, this wonderful bluegrass-traditional-country band does bluegrass music.  Yes they do, but they don't try to see how 'fast' it can be.  Rather, they have given their lives over to our Lord Jesus Christ, and have let Him show them the way.   This allows them to approach and present a very very high quality kind of acoustic music that includes bluegrass, but much much more.  In my opinion, if 'country' music had not taken the turn it did, 'for sale to the highest bidder,' and rather stayed in the hands and hearts of 'real' country folks, popular country music would sound a lot like what the Harris's are doing today.  Their passion for what they are doing, playing really good acoustic music, realizing that they do it well, and sometimes in awe at where their road has taken them, is the very epitome of what really good music is all about, no matter what little label-box it happens to be in.  That's why we don't have 'boxes' to describe good music today.  It's also why we have so many good artists coming to the corn fields of Iowa to be honored by our Association, and the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Those on the Commission know good music when they hear it, and this CD is definitely going to them for next year's CD of the Year awards.  What's so nice about the Harris Family is their devotion to a really good bluegrass sound....BUT....they are not locked in there.  A penny whistle, sure why not.  We hear it so delightfully quiet and wonderfully on "Willie and Mary."  The fiddle and whistle play the lead together....wow, that's simply fantastic.  We also hear that terrific 'country' sound on "Daddy's Hands," a song written by Holly Dunn who lives in Santa Fe, NM, where we visit occasionally.  Let me tell you who does what on this CD:  Susan is on mandolin and Irish Whistle; Joshua is on banjo, Dobro, and Octave mandolin; Brianna is on fiddle; Lisa is on upright bass; and Mike is on guitar.  It's all acoustic, and all very very well done, best one I've heard of this style, love it dearly.  Watch your calendar Harris's, try to find a route that leads you to Iowa next fall, there's no doubt in my mind about this CD.
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