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CD: Terri Matern - The Songs, The Voice

Terri Matern - The Songs, The Voice

Label: Mega International Records
Distributed Worldwide on all major digital download sites including  i tunes
Produced By Doc Holiday
Recorded at QUAD Studios, Nashville TN. with the legendary Nashville Studio “A” Team

Ok this is going to be an easy one for me, What happens when you put a legendary producer Doc Holiday, into a studio in Nashville surrounded by Hall of fame musicians and then bring in a living Legend “Doug “The Ragin’ Cajun” Kershaw” and then, add the nephew (Bobby Bradley) of a man they call the Architect of country music, Owen Bradley and then,  gently add the haunting voice of the newest star in the Nashville sky “Terri Matern? You get a hit album, it’s that simple

Track #1  Party Through The Night (Terri Matern and Doug Kershaw Duet)
Sounds like a strange mixture huh? The Doctor makes it work like a charm, The blend of the Marrianne Faithfull smooth vocal of Terri Matern and the raw Cajun vocal and fiddle playing of The Ragin’ Cajun delivers a fresh but yet familiar  sound of country that has long been forgotten in today’s Industry
This one is a winner!!!

Track #2  Terri goes out on her own with a Doug Matern penned song titled “Tonight” it’s smooth easy going approach to an age old subject is hypnotic .

Track #3  By The Bay,, Hello Kenny Chesney Country, Imagine a Caribbean feel with a traditional country steel guitar and then add tropical steel drums, top it all off with that innocent smooth voice of Terri, AMAZINE!!

There are 12 songs on this release and they just keep getting better and better as I go down the list. Usually, I listen to maybe a ½ of each song and then write down my feelings about the song, but this release had me listening to them all in their entirety. A refreshing change from the cookie cutter. Look alike, sound alike, Nashville sound that has become the norm in today’s country music industry.
A great album!!! 5 Very Big Stars

CD Review by That Record Guy, Austin, Texas for Country Music News International


  1. The total package with a golden voice along with the best producer in Nashville that some people don't know about! He is turning out super fine artists and music 24/7. It's easy for me being a professional musician/singer/producer to just say..great! Stormin' Norman Seldin