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CD: TANNER YOUNG - The Master's Call

The Master's Call
Great Speckled Bird - I'll Fly Away - The Master's Call - Old Country Church - Using My Bible For A Roadmap - Satan's Jewel Crown - I Saw The Light - Far Side Banks of Jordan - He Took Your Place - Wings Of A Dove - Kneeling Drunkard's Plea - Keep On The Sunny Side
I usually review CD's during my 'easy' time, usually on Sunday afternoon.  What a nice Sunday I am having today listening to this incredibly talented young man from Oklahoma, sing some of my favorite old-time gospel tunes.  Tanner Young came to our festival in LeMars, Iowa, last year, and just about brought the house down, I mean literally.  Our main stage is in a huge 2,000 seater tornado-proof building, and the roar from the audience just about made it shake.  Maybe it did a little bit, that's how good this young man is.  He is not just a great vocalist, he is an incredibly gifted guitar picker.  Joining him on this session at the Rick Roach Studios in Kingston, Oklahoma, is Archie Shearer on rhythm guitar, and Dale Anderson on bass.  Both of these instrumentalists are right in line with what Tanner is doing.  It just blows me away that a trio like this can produce such really really good 'classic country' music, and in this case 'classic' gospel music.  Tanner not only has good vibes on his recordings, he is able to carry that over to his stage performances.  Sometimes I hear what I think might be overdubbed lead guitar picking, especially on "Using My Bible For A Roadmap."  Whatever is happening on the leads, it sure is good.  It's an acoustic guitar, so that doubles my enjoyment.  Without a doubt my favorite gospel song of all time is Terry Smith's "Far Side Banks of Jordan" which gets special treatment from Tanner.  He uses some excellent vocal transitions that emphasizes the message of the song.  Tanner closes his fine CD with the classic Carter Family "Keep On The Sunny Side" and means every word of it.  What a wonderful old-time gospel listening experience.  Here's hoping Tanner will be back at the LeMars festival in 2015, I would if I were him!
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