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CD: TAMRA ROSANES - Country Roots

Country Roots
I Just Want Dance With You - Ready For The Times To Get Better - What's A Nice Boy Like You - Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness - Too Late To Turn Back Now - Memories Ain't What They Used To Be - Dreaming My Dreams With You - Be My Friend Tonight - Lost In Love - Baby Is Gone - Coming To The Dance
It was a remarkable experience to not only review Tamra's latest CD earlier this year, but to also see her take "CD of the Year" awards at the LeMars Festival, which was especially pleasing for me.  This remarkable woman makes her home in Denmark, and after her presence at LeMars, Iowa, she sent me some of her previous albums.  I've been pretty busy with quite a few artists that I hadn't reviewed, but today is a beautiful day in California, I'm writing on my lap-top, and I'm listening to the beautiful Tamra Rosanes take me back to my own 'country roots.'  This is the kind of country music I really like, it's so very very different from so-called commercial country these days, and it's so very very much better than anything on country music's top-ten anywhere on this planet.  The very first song just simply blew me away, Tamra duets this song with John Prine.  Wow, talk about that 'country' feel, accent and all, it's right there where it needs to be.  There are three John Prine songs on this album, including "I Just Want To Dance With You."  What an incredible experience to hear this for the first time, and then follow it with one of my favorite 'message' songs, "Ready For The Times To Get Better" with Marty Stuart on guitar.  Granted, he's playing electric, but it is absolutely stunning.  This song itself, should perhaps be a banner song describing the 'times' we live in.  Cowboy Jack Clement produced this remarkable work of music.  He's no longer with us, but isn't it wonderful that we can still hear the wonderful ability he had working with such a stunning vocalist as Tamra Rosanes in the studio.  This CD alone gives us a little look at what he was capable of, especially when working with a gifted artist.  Here's what I would hope for.... Tamra would nominate John Prine for induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in 2015.  I'll pass this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission who was well pleased with her work in 2014.  She'll have to not only nominate John, she'll have to convince him to let us honor him, and then they both need to show up at the same time, so we can hear some of these songs 'live' 'acoustic' 'down-home' 'real' 'full of love.' No question, I like the first two songs best, but ALL of these songs are just superbly done.  I normally try to recognize the participating musicians, but there's a ton of them on this CD, and they are all wonderfully represented with their individual talent.  Thank you Tamra Rosanes for making an already beautiful California day, even more so.  OK, no passes, until it's passing time.
REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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