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CD: ERIC WATSON - Let Us Sing Another Good Old Country Song

Let Us Sing Another Good Old Country Song
Let Us Sing Another Good Old Country Song - When Snowy Sings of Home (Slim Dusty) - Fireball Dan (Tex Morton) - Country Hands of Fame (Reg Poole) - Koscuiusko (Glenn Jones) - Child of Koonapippi (Johnny Ashcroft & Gay Kayler - Click Go The Gears (Terry Gordon) - The Land Where Whitey's Gone (Buddy Williams) - The Vanishing Horseman (Norma Murphy) - Queen of Ice (Owen Blundell) - Rodeos Don't Turn Me On Anymore (Reg Poole) - Free (Eddie Tapp) - Make Sure There's Water Old Mate (Glenn Jones) - By The Light of Country Stars (Dusty Rankin) - The Rodeo Queen (Maria McBride) - Our Country Was Stolen (Gordon Parsons) - Jesus Who? (Reg Poole) - Behind The Cattle (Glenn Jones) - Roses In The Rain (Johnny Heap) - My Foot Is On The Stair (Jimmie Little) - Riding In The Riverina Rain (The Selection Team)
Eric Watson is an Australian.  But, he's much more than that.  This CD was sent to me by Michael T Wall of Newfoundland promotion fame.  It's an interesting CD, because Eric Watson only sings the first song.  It would be hard to tell who could possibly accept a "CD of the Year" award for this work, except him, because quite simply, he wrote all the songs...BUT, they were recorded by some of the best and most successful vocalists and recording artists in Australia.  If you are familiar at all with Australian country music, you already know they are very strict about keeping it country, traditional and classical.  That's exactly what this CD is all about, classic and traditional country music, Aussie style.  It's all tremendously well done, though I believe I would have liked to hear Eric sing a few more of his original compositions.  A lot of these songs are terrific 'story' songs about country life in Australia.  We get to hear harmonica, the old way, and the accordion also helps out on several of these exceptional recordings.  If you are interested in acquiring a copy you might try Selection Records, P O Box 456, Casino, NSW 2470, Australia.  I don't have a direct contact to Eric Watson, but I'm going to pass this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission to see what they think of it.  No telling how they will vote.  I'd like to pick out a couple of the vocalists that really stand out for me.  Norma Murphy is exceptional.  She sings with a really sincere 'country' approach to the music.  We don't hear it that well much in America any more.  I listened to everyone of the 22 songs on this CD, and one other artist I really like is Jimmie Little who did such a good job with "My Foot Is On The Stair."  Good listening all the way through. I hope there is some way I can get this review to Eric.
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