Thursday, November 20, 2014

Morgan Riley Shares Songs and Charity Goals on Radio Tour

Morgan Riley Shares Songs and Charity Goals on Radio Tour

Skytome recording artist and Country singer-songwriter Morgan Riley has been touring radio stations, sharing her new songs and charitable involvement.
“Morgan Riley is a very talented person and passionate in her career,” said Mike Kelly of Kissin 99.3. “You can tell it as she tells you her story from where she came from to where she is going. She is focused on her dream and her music proves it. If you haven't listened to her album yet what are you waiting for?”
Riley has been performing live, on-air renditions of some of her favorite songs off the new album, “Collage,” including “Katie,” “It Wasn’t Me,” “Don’t Ask Me” and of course radio hit “Rowdy Shoutin’ Cowboys.” 
She’s also opened up about her involvement with Bright Star International, a charity organization that connects celebrities with causes close to their hearts. For Riley, that cause is domestic violence.
Feeling the call to take a stand after the recent NFL and Ray Rice domestic violence scandal, Riley is doing all she can to educate the public and raise awareness in hopes of ending domestic violence everywhere.
Some of the radio stations that have been visited by the talented and down-to-earth star include Nash 96.5, Kissin 99.3, Dixie Country 106.7, WTHO 101.7 and Hit Kickin’ Country Z 94.5.
“I really like that song ‘Katie!’ Great song!” said Alan DuPriest of Hit Kickin’ Country Z 94.5.

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