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CD: RAYNE MAGILL - Originals & A Few Of My Favorites

Originals & A Few Of My Favorites
Friends* - True Love* - Every Minute* - Whispers & Memories* - Gloryland* - Unconditional Love* - Silent Prayer* - Are You Sure* - Life* - Stand Up* - God Forgive Me* - Deal With The Blues* - A Twist Of Fate* - Lil Rock & Roller* - The Perfect Man* - Padre Island* - The Road Band* - Stray Dogs & Alley Cats - Emma Jeans Guitar* - The House That Built Me - Georgia Mules & Country Boys - Mr. Bojangles
The first thing one notices about Rayne Magill's music, is her guitar.  She has a remarkable sounding instrument that perfectly reflects her own lovely voice.  The bass end on this instrument is truly remarkable.  The second thing you notice is that this CD is all originals except for four songs.  Four out of twenty-two tells me that Rayne has something to say with those 18 songs that are original.  The third thing one notices is that she pays homage, respect, love, adoration, and belief in her Lord Jesus Christ.  It's songs devoted to Him that we hear first, and they are all delightful, lovely, meaningful songs.  It's the rest of her originals that I found more than interesting.  By the time she gets to "Whispers & Memories" she is still talking about Jesus, but the tempo and the more 'relaxed' sound is truly easy to listen to.  Rayne went to the best acoustic recording studio in Omaha, Tesco Productions, to do this very lovely musical adventure.  We finally find the 'real' Rayne Magill in "Lil Rock & Roller."  In this song she describes the little girl who worked her fingers to the bone on that old Silvertone guitar.  Wow, has that guitar sound changed with the one she plays today.  We learn all about who the perfect man is, and a quick trip to Padre Island, down Texas way, to rediscover love and perhaps its departure.  Padre Island is one of my favorite places to visit, the white sand and sea gulls who eat out of your hand is a nice experience.  She finalizes this huge collection of songs with another of my favorites "Mr. Bojangles," a song she sings at many of her festival appearances like Wahoo, LeMars, and Fremont. In total, this is a very pleasant CD to listen to, and Tom in the studio did an excellent job capturing Rayne's many mood changes.
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