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CD: GARY LEE TOLLEY - Life Travels On A One Way Street

Life Travels On A One Way Street
Storm Coming Over The Mountain - Music In My Soul - Ooh La La (The Wedding Song) - Redneck Weekend - Life Travels On A One Way Street - King Of The Mountain - She's Gone - Melody By The Sea - Spinnin
 I'm already a fan of Gary Lee, I reviewed his "Nightlife" album some time ago, and was convinced then that this young man definitely has a way with words, and that makes him a special tunesmith.  This first song on this album "Storm Coming Over The Mountain" utilizes some incredibly good sound effects depicting a storm.  I've heard this utilized before to emphasize the song and it's contents, but never done quite so well.  As I listened I was sure someone was speaking to me, but removal of the head phones proved otherwise.  It's voices in the background that actually stimulates one to listen again.  All of these songs are Gary Tolley originals.  He's from Virginia, and has an amazing ability to 'see' and "Music In My Soul" is a good representation of how that particular soul-function works.  I also like "Ooh La La" which opens with just a guitar riff that turns into a blistering boost of melodic sound with harmonica that tends to sound Cajun in style.  Good story song.  By the time we get to "King Of The Mountain" which features great fiddle and mandolin, I'm hooked again.  No mention of who these gifted musicians are, but the intros to each and every song that Gary does is unique and original.  I've not heard so many 'different' ways to intro a song before on one album, but this one does that exactly.  The mix is also quite unique, and from my point of view, harkens back to another time when a lot of time was spent getting exactly the right sound where it should be. In today's world of electronically computer controlled perfection, that particular element is often overlooked if not completely abandoned.  Thanks Gary Lee Tolley and Friends for turning in another super good easy to listen to original music CD.  Off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.
REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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  1. Thank You VERY much for the Great Review of my CD. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope I get to play these songs at more shows for my friends and fans in the Midwest, and Around the world. This CD is available at all online Music Stores or can be purchased directly from me and I will be Happy to Sign each one. God Bless and Thanks again!!