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CD: David Shelby - OH YEAH

“OH YEAH!” David Shelby

David Shelby’s sophomore project is a 7-song EP that is a follow up to 2013’s “Rust Belt Cowboy.” Shelby is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and identifies with the trial and tribulations of the working man (and woman) feeling the pain of the economic hit that the Motor City has taken over the past decade or so.

But if you think that Shelby’s new project is all doom and gloom you’d be wrong. All seven tracks celebrate Life as it should be lived when you need to put your cares aside and let ‘er rip.

The EP kicks off with the title track featuring a cowboy, clip-clop tempo that finds the narrator in a saloon looking at a hot young lady leaning on the bar and he starts to think what might happen. The song (written by Jeffrey East & John Ramey) includes a syncopated chorus that goes: “Oh yeah! Watch her walk away now / Oh yeah! Ain’t no doubt about it / She’s got the kind of rockin’ body that makes everybody just stop shake their heads and say Oh Yeah!”

The EP closes with “Prayer for the Broken” a powerful, hard-driving tribute to the Detroit worker that sounds like something Bruce Springsteen would do if he ever cut a country album.

In between, Shelby serves up five more tracks, including the clap-along, air-punching “Moonshine,” which is about… well, you know.

The EP is enhanced by fine production by Russ Zavitson and Music Brothers Production (consisting of Charlie English and Teddy Gentry, bass player with the supergroup Alabama). With this project, Shelby again proves that you don’t need to be a Nashville native to create good, solid country music that rocks, on stage and off.

Album review by Preshias for Country Music News International Magazine

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