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Thanks Jack
Jack - Gentleman Jim - Call Me A Dreamer - Walter - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Dakota Sunshine - The Last Recall - Old Love - Interlude
I'm so glad I had the opportunity in my lifetime to meet Jack Langley.  This modest, incredibly talented man makes his home in Sioux City, Iowa.  He is, in the minds of those who hear him in the upper Midwest, the best songwriter of true country music ever.  Jack has actually had some of the sad experiences that makes his poetry turned song so incredibly beautiful.  It was also my very good fortune to hear Jack and this couple, Allen & Nancy Jensen, begin their relationship creating some wonderful new sounds of a mellow, mild, heart-felt, 'country' music utilizing the very seeds of what created 'country' music in it's own infancy.  Imagine for a moment a very nice quiet electric guitar, played exceptionally well, quietly in the background that just-right 'country' sound admired by so many in the past.  Add to that a basic bass.  Not a bass that plays leads or jazz riffs, a bass that adds and stimulates the music.  Add some soft rhythm guitar to glue it all together, and then add an absolutely lovely flute to the mix.  What?  Yes, the first time I heard this, I heard those 'seeds' again, the imagery of creation, the lovely softness of another side of 'real' country music.  How pleasant can it get?  Voices, perhaps not the most cultured in the world but, absolutely perfect for the 'original' sound of 'original' country music.  However when you hear Nancy sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" you can be sure Dorothy is listening.  It's a delightful interpretation of the old standard done in an exquisite 'country' style.  There are those 'seeds' again, doing their job.  For me, simplicity is the epitome of sophistication, the very reason I was attracted to old-time 'real' country music when I was just a small boy.  Exactly what this incredibly well done CD is all about.  OK, I admit it, it's just plain 'pretty.'  Off to the Rural Roots Music Commission this one goes.  I shed a few tears listening to my friend Jack Langley's songs, and shed a few more at the soft beautiful interpretation of the same by Allen and Nancy Jensen. 

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